Live at Palazzo de La Salle, 2017  Photography by Tumer Genturk

Tribute to Leonard Cohen Concert, 2017

'The Gospel Undone' at the Royal Opera House 2018. Photography by Tümer Genctürk

‘The Gospel Undone’ live at the Royal Opera House 2018   


NotteBianca Valletta 2014live at Manoel Theatre, NotteBianca Valletta 2014. Photography by Tümer Genctürk

Featured by Cygna (Ultimate Records)
featured by Cygna 2014 (Ultimate Records Event)
Photo by Tümer Genctürk
‘Most Intimate’ 2014. Photography by Tümer Genctürk














photo by Vincent Young
‘Voices for Courage’ 2013 (New Zealand)
photo by Leta Slipper
‘Most Intimate’ 2014