Night Skin Tour 2015 (Spain)


As from the 31st January till the 31st March 2015 Singer/Songwriter Claire Tonna will be touring North, South and many other places in Spain with her concert entitled ‘Night Skin’. This luminous concert delivers the empowerment, the tenderness and strength one needs when confronting depression, and other unbearable emotional states. Tonna compares the darkness in life to a night swim, where one has to trust what he/she cannot see or comprehend, and instead make love to it, let it transform and rebirth oneself, until it becomes the person’s own resilience, own strength, his or her strongest skin. Tonna is all set up to deliver this unforgettable concert accompanied by Chris Galea on piano, Jose Goruchapa on cello and Michael Galea on drums as she starts her tour in Galicia at the north of the peninsula, then with other sessions musicians heading off to Madrid and later to all south region of Andalucia.



Saturday 31st January 2015, at Bar Labranza (Beue, Galicia)

Accompanied by Chris Galea on piano and Michael Galea on drums.

Thursday 5th February 2015, Aturuxo Bar (Beue, Galicia)

Accompanied by Chris Galea on piano, Jose Goruchapa on cello and Michael Galea on drums.

Night Skin at Aturuxo, Beue, Galicia

Friday 13th February 2015, Cova dos Ratos (Vigo, Galicia)

Accompanied by Jose Goruchapa on cello.

Concert in Cova Dos Ratos, Vigo, Galicia

28th February – 31st March 2014 – Andalucia Region

Thursday and Friday 26 & 27th February 2015 – 14 ROCK BAR, C/Conde Duque 14 (Madrid)

Sunday 8th March 2015 –  TARIFAECOCENTRE (Tarifa, Andalucia)

Sunday 9th March 2015  – BOTAFUEGO PRISON ( Algeciras, Andalucia)

Saturday 14th March 2015 – AL MEDINA (Tarifa, Andalucia)

Saturday 21st March 2015 – SOVIET (La Linea, Andalucia )

 More info regarding other dates and venues will be updated here .