Upcoming Performances in Malta 2014


Saturday 4th October, 2014

Claire Tonna will be performing a most deep and spiritual set including some of her new works before leaving the island once again.

All happening at the exquisite 18th century Manuel Theatre in Valletta.

This concert is happening as part of the Notte Bianca annual event.

Claire Tonna will be accompanied by Chris Galea on piano and Michael Galea on drums. 


12, 13, 14th December, 2014

Teatru Unplugged.

Claire Tonna will be performing for the 17th edition of Teatru Unplugged. Collaborating with one of her most favorite singers Justin Galea. Teatru Unplugged is happening at the Manoel Theatre Valletta. A concert with a history of beauty, fun and intimate sound.


Performing in Go Teatru Unplugged 17 at the Manoel Theatre Valletta, Malta