Maltese singer-songwriter Claire Tonna makes international list online

Maltese singer-songwriter Claire Tonna makes international list online

Claire Tonna speaks to us after being featured on The Guardian’s Music Alliance Pact – a gathering of songs by up-and-coming international musicians.

Maltese singer-songwriter Claire Tonna has sidled up alongside an international round-up of up-and-coming musicians across the globe, as she was selected as part of this month’s Musical Alliance Pact.

The ‘MAP’, run by music journalists from The Guardian as well as bloggers, hunts for musicians far and wide, presenting a song for each country on the prominent UK newspaper’s website at the end of each month.

Tonna, now based in New Zealand and known for her unique acoustic sound, was described by the MAP as being “known for her profound, exceptional voice and awe-inspiring performances.

The blurb adds that “Tonna’s innovative acoustic debut studio album The Port, which contains collaborations with acclaimed writer Maria Mar, gets its first international release in New Zealand this month.”

In comments to MaltaToday, the globe-trotting singer-songwriter – who had formed one half of local electronic duo Particle Duo before heading off to India for humanitarian work – described the feeling of being chosen for the list as “a sign from life telling me: ‘See? All is perfect’…”

She added that she was “grateful and highly honoured” to be selected, while also commenting on her cosmopolitan counterparts on the list, believing her music to be a natural fit for such an international selection.

“Living, performing and song writing all over the globe led my life and music to be unintentionally international. Wherever I am, no one ever guesses my music’s homeland, so I guess the sound and voice absorbs it all and projects it all. I think that the actual feel of the music I perform comes from emotion, and I can’t really classify that,” she said.

“Music has taken me to many levels, directions and dimensions, countries and continents and so I sing it to all, with a good intention and with all love in words, meaning, sound and mind,” she added.

Tonna is currently in New Zealand for the launch of her debut studio album The Port (produced by Maltese musician Mario Sammut, aka Cygna). The album will be launched in Auckland at the beginning of 2013. This will be followed by an Australian Tour (February 17 to March 30).

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by Teodor Reljic, Malta Today  27th December 2012


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